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Congratulations, JadeMagick's song(s) currently in Top 10 N1M Charts:

"Ting" is #7 for All Genres in United States, Colorado

"Changeling" is #11 for All Genres in United States, Colorado

"Peaceful Embrace" is #13 for All Genres in United States, Colorado

"Just A Dream Away" is #15 for All Genres in United States, Colorado

Keep It Up! Please note that N1M Charts are changing in real time.


Fans Adoration:

Your voice send shivers down my spine which means that you are true talent! keep me updated as much as possible. Merrill

Hi your song, Changeling, is really captivating. how did you write it? you are talent. Thanks God for blessing you. I am impressed by you. Leslie

I just wanna let u know that Ting is my 6 year old son's FAVORITE song! He knows every word and requests it everytime!) Gena

I remember bumping my addiction to "The Tween" in the cab turning all my customers on to your music. I am sure you are making it big. Keep it on. Allison

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Flight Into The Light

Ne're More

JADA (Just A Dream Away)

Flying Easy


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